You don’t have to grieve alone. What’s Your Grief is a place for sharing, support, resources, & more.

To put it simply,
this website is about grief.

As mental health professionals who have experienced significant losses ourselves, we know individual grief is unique and there is no “right” way to cope. Our goal is to create a community that provides hope, support, and education to anyone wishing to understand the complicated experience of life after loss.

I am Grieving

I am Supporting
a Griever

I am A Grief

What’s Your Grief offers online and in-person continuing education training for grief support professionals. Using an accessible approach and a combination of practical and creative tools, we strive to help participants utilize relevant and useful theories, tools, and techniques in their work with people grieving a wide range of losses.

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Explore Our Blog

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Let’s be grief friends.

We post a new article to What’s Your Grief about once a week. Subscribe to stay up to date on all our posts.

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In Memory

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Our Community

What’s Your Grief does not receive funding or grants to help our operational costs. If you’ve ever benefited from this community and would like to help us continue our work, please consider donating. We’re a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can make a one-time or monthly donation in support of What’s Your Grief. You also may give in memory of a loved one.

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