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Monkey Home 39pcs Birthday Decorations Pink Blue online shopping Max 76% OFF White Purple Ti

Monkey Home 39pcs Birthday Decorations Blue Purple Pink White Ti


Monkey Home 39pcs Birthday Decorations Blue Purple Pink White Ti

Product description

Almighty item
Girls, boys, families, lovers, friends
I was particular about the color that anyone can use again and again!
"Girl color"
"Boy color"
Resolve your worries that you have to buy again and again ...

SNS shines in the style of fashion
It is okay if you are busy with work, housework and childcare!
It's packed with trendy items, so
With this one you can easily make fashionable decorations.

The Party Set as a photo studio
It is a wonderful photograph even if it is used as a photo booth in a house or an event
In Instagram · SNS · Facebook ♪

Package content:
● Paper pom poms:Blue · Purple · Pink · White × 2 each
● Mini Crown × 1
● Birthday banner × 1
● Star garland × 1
●Tassel garland : Blue · purple · pink · off white × 5 each
● Balloon : Gold · Colorful × 4 each
● Brief instructions

How to make amp; arrange
How to make, arrange and decorate is endless!
Please make the original decoration in various arrangements to your liking ♪

※ Monkey Home products are carefully inspected and packaged by staff in peace.
With regard to the balloon, it is difficult to inspect the inflated, so we have bundled the spare in the unlikely event of a defect.

Monkey Home 39pcs Birthday Decorations Blue Purple Pink White Ti

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