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NIUWHEEL 5V Mini Aquarium Air USB Animer and price revision Tank Pump Fish for Genuine Free Shipping

NIUWHEEL 5V Mini Aquarium Air Pump USB for Aquarium, Fish Tank,


NIUWHEEL 5V Mini Aquarium Air Pump USB for Aquarium, Fish Tank,

Product description



- Compatible with any USB port power resources using 5V voltage.

- Lightweight and portable

- High energy saving

- Plug and play

- Mute design, no noises

-Suitable for outdoor fishing(2kg fish), small to medium size aquariums, fish tanks, etc.


Rated Power: 0.2 W

Voltage: 5V

Power: USB

Tube Length: 3.3ft(1m)

USB Cable Length: 4.9ft(1.5m)

Package included:

1x Aquarium Air Pump

1x Silicone Tube

1x Air Stone

1x Hanging Buckle

Please note :

USB adaptor is not included.

NIUWHEEL 5V Mini Aquarium Air Pump USB for Aquarium, Fish Tank,

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