$4 XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Clips Hooks Carpet Fixed Clam Automotive Replacement Parts cyprusvillamanagement.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fastener,Clam,10pcs,Car,Clips,/filibranchiate1115822.html,XUKEY,Mat,Carpet,Floor,Hooks,Fixed,$4 XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Carpet Clips Sales Hooks Fixed Clam XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Carpet Clips Sales Hooks Fixed Clam $4 XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Clips Hooks Carpet Fixed Clam Automotive Replacement Parts cyprusvillamanagement.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fastener,Clam,10pcs,Car,Clips,/filibranchiate1115822.html,XUKEY,Mat,Carpet,Floor,Hooks,Fixed,$4

XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Carpet Clips Sales Limited Special Price Hooks Fixed Clam

XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Clips Hooks Carpet Fixed Clam


XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Clips Hooks Carpet Fixed Clam

Product description

Product: Car Floor Mat Fixing Hooks/Clips

Replacement Part Number:08210-00820/08211-00720
Fitment: Fits For Almost All Toyota Vehicles from 2001-2010
For Toyota 4 Runner 2001-2015
For Toyota Avalon 2001-2014
For Toyota Camry 2001-2015
For Toyota Corolla 2001-2010
For Toyota Highlander 2001-2015
For Toyota Landcruiser 2001-2010
For Toyota Matrix 2003-2010
For Toyota Prius 2001-2010
For Toyota RAV4 2001-2010
For Toyota Sequoia 2001-2010
For Toyota Sienna 2001-2015
For Toyota Solara 1999-2008
For Toyota Tacoma 2001-2011
For Toyota Tundra 2001-2011
For Toyota Venza 2009-2012
For Toyota Yaris 2007-2012

Not fit FJ Cruiser!!

Quantity: 10Pcs/Set
Material: POM(Plastic)
Color: Black
Size: As The Picture Shown

*100% Brand New
*Replacement floor mat clip
*Keeps the floor mat from slipping and bunching under your pedals.
*These are for the models that have the hole in the floor.They rug right have the place. The rugs have holes that slide right over the hook up top.
*Economical, practical and easy to install

Please check the size measurement chart carefully before making payment.
The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to different
computer screen, thanks for your understanding.

Package included:
10 x Car Mat Fixing Clips

XUKEY 10pcs Car Fastener Floor Mat Clips Hooks Carpet Fixed Clam

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