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Bed Large-scale sale Canopy Phoenix Mall for Girls with Dome Mosquito Cotton Net Pom

Bed Canopy for Girls Bed with Pom Pom, Cotton Dome Mosquito Net


Bed Canopy for Girls Bed with Pom Pom, Cotton Dome Mosquito Net

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Bed Canopy
Bed Canopy
Bed Canopy

Why Choose OldPAPA Bed Canopy

MAKE YOUR KID HAPPY! - Exquisite decoration, baby canopy is perfect accessory to transform your little girl's room to a stunning little palace, She will love it! You can photo this sweety lovely dome bed canopy and share it on socialmedia, you will earn likes! A PERFECT GIFT for kids and parents!

PERFECT SIZE - Kids canopy total height 96.5 inch; upper part length 19.7 inch. Perfect over baby craddle/crib, toddler bed, play area mat/rug. Features an opening for easy entrance and cutest POMPOM decoration! There are 3 colors, Pink, Grey and White, Choose your favorite one!

SKIN-FRIENDLY amp; SOFT - OldPAPA bed canopy only uses high quality fabric, breathable, soft, lightweight, LIGHT BLOCKING, anti-mosquitoes and durable in use! Designed for perfectly blocking out glaring light and giving your little baby a shady and cozy sleeping/playing environment, meanwhile protecting your little sweety from disturbing by mosquitoes

KID’S SECRET GARDEN - This mosquito bed net offers kid a fantasy castle to have fun inside ,she will excited about her princess room and happily sleep in their castle,also invites other little friends to visit her private place and a secret garden

HOUSE DECORATION - Perfect accessory to transform baby kid's room, can be inside of bed account hanging some nightlight and dreamcatcher,put on a piece of game pad and baby pillow toys,as exquisite decoration and perfect accessory,create a beautiful girl's princess bed,gives an instant touch of romance to the decor

Bed Canopy for Girls Bed with Pom Pom, Cotton Dome Mosquito Net

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